Total Vaccine Distribution Total for the World

To track the vaccination efforts, I scrapped vaccination data from the web using publicly available data sources.

Data from: Our World in Data,

Location and Date (YYYY-MM-DD) data was last updated:

# A tibble: 25 x 2
# Groups:   location [25]
   location   date      
   <chr>      <chr>     
 1 Bahrain    2020-12-28
 2 Bulgaria   2020-12-29
 3 Canada     2020-12-28
 4 Chile      2020-12-27
 5 China      2020-12-19
 6 Costa Rica 2020-12-24
 7 Denmark    2020-12-28
 8 England    2020-12-20
 9 Estonia    2020-12-29
10 Germany    2020-12-28
# ... with 15 more rows

Figure 1: Global Covid 19 Vaccination Total by Location

However, this graph is slightly misleading because it does not put into account the total populations of the Locations being observed, when it comes to the total vaccinations per 100 people the graph looks like this.

Figure 2: Global Covid 19 Vaccination total per 100 people by Location

Total Vaccine (Pfizer) Distribution Total for the United States

Data from CDC: Center of Disease Control and Prevention,

Figrue 3: Top 10 as Percentage of the Population (2015) Vaccinated with Covid-19 Vaccine (Pfizer)

Figrue 4: Top 10 as Total Vaccinated with Covid-19 Vaccine (Pfizer)

Figure 5: United States Density Map of Coverage Percentage of Population (2015) for Vaccines Distributed (Pfizer)

Figure 6: United States Density Map of Total Vaccinations Distributed (Pfizer)

Total Vaccine (Moderna) Distribution Total for the United States

Figure 7: Top Ten States with Vaccine (Moderna) Distributed as Percent of Population (2015) across the United States